My Comeback Circus, and Ingenious Recipe of the Week

Posted: January 5, 2011 in crossfit, paleo, recipes
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Well, I am back in the gym as of this week.  The only thing resembling strength training I have done the past two weeks is rock climbing, which is awesome, but definitely not the same monster as a crossfit WOD.  Let’s say climbing is more of a brain monster, while crossfit is a knock-you-on-your-ass-and-make-you-wonder-why-you-even-try-walking-the-next-day variety o’ monster. At least, it can be after 2 weeks off.  Monday I did an extremely scaled down, modified version of “nutts”.  I can’t remember the last time walking lunges made me sore.  But, here I am unable to walk or sit normally!

Today’s workout was…..

Hungarian Circus

20 minutes as many rounds as possible of:

5 chest to bar pull-ups (green band)

10 ring dips (green band)

15 overhead squats (35 lbs)

I did 6 1/3 rounds which I am super proud of!!  I did not try to be a hero on my second day back and scaled the weight considerably.  I have learned to do this as a way to keep from hurting or discouraging myself. As I sat chatting with Coach Heidi, I had a good post workout meal (PWO) of sweet potato fries and soft-boiled eggs.  PWO meals are so important to recovery.  I am staying away from shakes at this point, because my goal is to lean out and Robb Wolf says no liquid food while leaning out.  PWO is just a bonus meal.  I still got to have a yummy lunch, which I made up (pat on back), and shared with you below!


Quick and Easy Chicken “Taco” Salad

I always buy rotisserie chickens at Whole Foods, which are incredible, but only when you first buy them. Half the time I end up wasting half the chicken because it gets dry in the fridge and I don’t want it anymore.  Today I found a perfect cure for that.  Here you go:

– Cover the bottom of a frying pan w/ chicken broth

– Add 1/2-3/4 cups fresh, chunky salsa (I used Whole Foods pico di gallo)

– Bring to a simmer and add 3-4 oz. of pulled rotisserie chicken

– Sprinkle on some taco seasoning and simmer 6-7 minutes

– Put that yumminess over a salad (I used romaine, black olives, green onion

– Top w/ guac (1/2 avocado smashed w/ cilantro, garlic, pepper, lime juice)

Enjoy, my friends!!

  1. james says:

    this post isn’t exactly selling me on the crossfit idea.

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