Paleo Melt Down, Mayday, Mayday!!

Posted: January 8, 2011 in paleo, self-image, struggles
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I had a serious Paleo melt down last night. These were the texts I sent my friend:

“Why am I being so strict, who am I proving anything to?” “It worked for me when I wasn’t strict.” “I can’t live like this!!!”

Dramatic?  Yes!  So is my relationship with food.  I NEEDED tortilla chips. 🙂  My girl, Sandra knew exactly what to say.  Simply, “Then don’t, silly!”  And then it was like the air getting let out of an over-filled balloon.  I exhaled.  Oh yeah, I AM allowed.  I AM NOT proving anything to anyone.  And most of all, not being strict does not make me a failure….

So, with these things in mind, I went into Whole Foods to buy some munchies for the night.  After a long day at the salon, I seem to just want to pick at a bunch of things, not cook or make an actual dinner plate.  So, I gave myself permission.  Permission… Last night, that mighty word seemed to take all of the power, yes power, out of the tortilla chips.  I didn’t even go down that aisle, and it wasn’t forced, because I had permission.  If I wanted them, I could get them.  And I didn’t.  So very interesting, this brain of mine!

My dinner consisted of plantain chips, tuna salad, guacamole, dried  mango, and almond butter.  Not a perfect omega-3 to omega-6 ratio ;), but pretty sweet choices considering earlier melt down status!!

That is all. Happy weekend!  Get those booties outside!!

  1. Mande says:

    You Rock! You are the power!

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