Oopsie!! Recipe and WOD

Posted: January 13, 2011 in crossfit, paleo, recipes, Uncategorized

Dudes!  I ate a burger tonight… with my hands!!!  A moment of silence please…………………………..

That’s right.  Thanks to my fabulous Coach Heidi, I made gluten free rolls that I used for my hamburger buns.  And, they were pretty damn good!  At least, they definitely did the trick of making it possible to pick up a burger and bite into it… there is just somethin’ about that!  The original recipe is on-line and is called Oopsie Rolls.  However, Coach Heidi made the recipe better and healthier (who uses splenda anymore anyway? no offense).   They do have dairy which I expressed as a concern, and she said that some people are substituting almond butter for the greek yogurt. Next time I will try that.  This time, well, I am not splitting hairs.

So, here is the recipe that all my Facebook friends have been waiting for (like how I am making them read my blog to get it?  Uh-huh.)

Crossfit Coach Approved Oopsie Rolls

3 eggs

3.5 oz Greek yogurt (Fage)

1/3 cup ground flax seed

1 Tbsp water

Preheat oven to 300 degrees.

Separate egg yolks / whites. Put yolks in fridge. Let whites get to room temp.

Whisk eggs (see YouTube for good video)

Mix egg yolk, water, yogurt, then add flax seed. Fold this mixture carefully into the egg whites.

Dole out mix into little piles on parchment paper to make bun shapes

Baked this batch for 50 minutes

And, while we are here, this is the sweet WOD Coach Sandra, aka Coach C Bacon, picked for us today.  And, to tell you what a great coach she is- she picked me up and took me to the gym, because I STILL can’t drive the icy streets of ATL.


Row 400m
25 Back squats (30lbs)
25 Front squats (30lbs)
25 Overhead squats (30lbs)
Row 400m
25 Shoulder press (30lbs)
25 Push press (30lbs)
25 Push jerk (30lbs)
Row 400m
25 Hang power clean (30lbs)
25 Hang power snatch (30lbs)
Row 400m


  1. How cool is that! The oopsies rolls are my recipe, and the Splenda has been pretty much obliterated for a couple of years now. No savory roll needs Splenda.

    I love seeing the tweaks!


    • dirthuckster says:

      Jaime, that is amazing!! I am so glad you found my blog. These rolls are changing our lives at AKCrossfit! I just had one with almond butter and banana for breakfast. So good!

  2. Mande says:

    Stealing the recipe!

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