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Dudes!  I ate a burger tonight… with my hands!!!  A moment of silence please…………………………..

That’s right.  Thanks to my fabulous Coach Heidi, I made gluten free rolls that I used for my hamburger buns.  And, they were pretty damn good!  At least, they definitely did the trick of making it possible to pick up a burger and bite into it… there is just somethin’ about that!  The original recipe is on-line and is called Oopsie Rolls.  However, Coach Heidi made the recipe better and healthier (who uses splenda anymore anyway? no offense).   They do have dairy which I expressed as a concern, and she said that some people are substituting almond butter for the greek yogurt. Next time I will try that.  This time, well, I am not splitting hairs.

So, here is the recipe that all my Facebook friends have been waiting for (like how I am making them read my blog to get it?  Uh-huh.)

Crossfit Coach Approved Oopsie Rolls

3 eggs

3.5 oz Greek yogurt (Fage)

1/3 cup ground flax seed

1 Tbsp water

Preheat oven to 300 degrees.

Separate egg yolks / whites. Put yolks in fridge. Let whites get to room temp.

Whisk eggs (see YouTube for good video)

Mix egg yolk, water, yogurt, then add flax seed. Fold this mixture carefully into the egg whites.

Dole out mix into little piles on parchment paper to make bun shapes

Baked this batch for 50 minutes

And, while we are here, this is the sweet WOD Coach Sandra, aka Coach C Bacon, picked for us today.  And, to tell you what a great coach she is- she picked me up and took me to the gym, because I STILL can’t drive the icy streets of ATL.


Row 400m
25 Back squats (30lbs)
25 Front squats (30lbs)
25 Overhead squats (30lbs)
Row 400m
25 Shoulder press (30lbs)
25 Push press (30lbs)
25 Push jerk (30lbs)
Row 400m
25 Hang power clean (30lbs)
25 Hang power snatch (30lbs)
Row 400m



I have been assessing, reflecting, soul searching, and generally dragging my feet about writing this post. Well, here it is, people………. I ate ice cream!  That’s right!  Fell off the old strict-paleo-for-30-days wagon. Truth is, this human doesn’t respond well to strict.  The rebellious teen inside me says, “Oh yeah?!  Well, f*** you!  If you won’t allow me a little, I will just eat the whole pint, box, cake (insert drug of choice)!”  Doing something for 30 days feels too much like a diet.  Then, the critical parent inside me says, “Wow, you really can’t do this for 30 days?”  No.  And, as of right now, I would rather try and get back to a way of eating clean that I can sustain for more than 30 days.

Frankly, I was doing great before when I was doing about 90% Paleo.  I was leaning out, I had good and even energy all day, my performance was improving, my skin cleared up.  Most of all, it felt like a lifestyle instead of a diet, because I still allowed myself those non-paleo foods that I love in moderation. And, as human as that was, it worked for me.Then a really sad incident in my life (coupled with the holidays) threw me off track a bit.  But, now I am ready to get back on… I just won’t be doing the drill sergeant brand of approach that I originally planned.  If the day comes that I can be all zen and let go of my attachments with certain foods- yippee.  If I plateau, I will reassess.  For now, I am done shaming myself!! Done!!

So, here it is, folks:  I eat clean 90% of the time, I am super active, I try to arrange my life so that I get plenty of sleep and little stress.  And I will continue (for life maybe) on my quest for a realistic self-image and a shameless love for me- exactly how I am! Human and all!  I will also keep writing honestly and telling you guys of my victories, my blunders, and my struggles getting there.  And that, my friends, is “my own brand of warrior!!”

This post is dedicated to my dear friend Ann W.

I had a serious Paleo melt down last night. These were the texts I sent my friend:

“Why am I being so strict, who am I proving anything to?” “It worked for me when I wasn’t strict.” “I can’t live like this!!!”

Dramatic?  Yes!  So is my relationship with food.  I NEEDED tortilla chips. 🙂  My girl, Sandra knew exactly what to say.  Simply, “Then don’t, silly!”  And then it was like the air getting let out of an over-filled balloon.  I exhaled.  Oh yeah, I AM allowed.  I AM NOT proving anything to anyone.  And most of all, not being strict does not make me a failure….

So, with these things in mind, I went into Whole Foods to buy some munchies for the night.  After a long day at the salon, I seem to just want to pick at a bunch of things, not cook or make an actual dinner plate.  So, I gave myself permission.  Permission… Last night, that mighty word seemed to take all of the power, yes power, out of the tortilla chips.  I didn’t even go down that aisle, and it wasn’t forced, because I had permission.  If I wanted them, I could get them.  And I didn’t.  So very interesting, this brain of mine!

My dinner consisted of plantain chips, tuna salad, guacamole, dried  mango, and almond butter.  Not a perfect omega-3 to omega-6 ratio ;), but pretty sweet choices considering earlier melt down status!!

That is all. Happy weekend!  Get those booties outside!!

This afternoon I went out for a run alone.  Just me and my super bad-ass friends (aka my playlist)- Cornell, de la Rocha, Keenan, Lemmy, to name a few.  I pretty much always run with a group and while I love my running group- dudes, you know I love you- I am missing those runs that clear my head and give me that release that I only get from running alone.  So, I am making a commitment to do this more often. What’s more, I went out with no planned route, no planned mileage, no foot pod… just me, the city, and my music.  So freeing!

Along with the clear head and million dollar feeling, I had a realization.  When I returned home, I mapped out what I did,  and it was nearly 7 miles!  Now, I ran longer than that only last Sunday, but that was on purpose, for training. This was a fun run… a 7 mile fun run!  As in, I did not mean to!! I’ve come a long way, baby!!

Waiting for me at home was this fabulous Paleo Jambalaya that I had made in the crockpot earlier.

Super sweet day (without sugar, hehe)!!!

Well, I am back in the gym as of this week.  The only thing resembling strength training I have done the past two weeks is rock climbing, which is awesome, but definitely not the same monster as a crossfit WOD.  Let’s say climbing is more of a brain monster, while crossfit is a knock-you-on-your-ass-and-make-you-wonder-why-you-even-try-walking-the-next-day variety o’ monster. At least, it can be after 2 weeks off.  Monday I did an extremely scaled down, modified version of “nutts”.  I can’t remember the last time walking lunges made me sore.  But, here I am unable to walk or sit normally!

Today’s workout was…..

Hungarian Circus

20 minutes as many rounds as possible of:

5 chest to bar pull-ups (green band)

10 ring dips (green band)

15 overhead squats (35 lbs)

I did 6 1/3 rounds which I am super proud of!!  I did not try to be a hero on my second day back and scaled the weight considerably.  I have learned to do this as a way to keep from hurting or discouraging myself. As I sat chatting with Coach Heidi, I had a good post workout meal (PWO) of sweet potato fries and soft-boiled eggs.  PWO meals are so important to recovery.  I am staying away from shakes at this point, because my goal is to lean out and Robb Wolf says no liquid food while leaning out.  PWO is just a bonus meal.  I still got to have a yummy lunch, which I made up (pat on back), and shared with you below!


Quick and Easy Chicken “Taco” Salad

I always buy rotisserie chickens at Whole Foods, which are incredible, but only when you first buy them. Half the time I end up wasting half the chicken because it gets dry in the fridge and I don’t want it anymore.  Today I found a perfect cure for that.  Here you go:

– Cover the bottom of a frying pan w/ chicken broth

– Add 1/2-3/4 cups fresh, chunky salsa (I used Whole Foods pico di gallo)

– Bring to a simmer and add 3-4 oz. of pulled rotisserie chicken

– Sprinkle on some taco seasoning and simmer 6-7 minutes

– Put that yumminess over a salad (I used romaine, black olives, green onion

– Top w/ guac (1/2 avocado smashed w/ cilantro, garlic, pepper, lime juice)

Enjoy, my friends!!

So, yesterday (day 1 of strict Paleo), at the New Years Day party, I managed to do quite well, avoiding many non-paleo temptations: the sweet smelling corn pone, the mound of chocolate chip toffee cookies, (made by my friend the pastry chef, mind you), and, well, I could go on but you get it.  I had resolve, though, and I powered through!

Then.. I left. And I was tired and it was night and I was going home… eeeek!  I felt the cravings for sugar/any comfort food coming on. (more…)

Resolution, Shmesolution!

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I always turned my nose up to the idea of New Years resolutions.  I said, “if I want to change, I do it, any time of year.”  This definitely still holds true for me, but I think that psychologically, the turning over of the calendar has an effect.  Several years ago, I attended a New Years Day party where everyone wrote down resolutions and put them in a jar to be open the next year, same day, same party.  That was the beginning of my new tradition.  So, today, my friends and I will get together for the southern tradition of collard greens and black-eyed peas (luck and prosperity of course) and read everyone’s 2010 promises and of course make new ones for ’11.  It always turns out to be a hoot, especially when you have NO IDEA what you wrote last year (me)!

I thought that I would add a new tradition to my res’ making this year.  I will tell the world wide web.  This way I will not forget and I will be accountable.  YIKES!  So, here goes:

1) I will go strictly Paleo for 30 days to cleanse and refresh my body.  (I am still deciding on the one thing I will not give up- honey in the coffee or dark chocolate at night, hmm)

2) I will go to the climbing gym at least once a week.

3) As an extension of the Paleo lifestyle, I will commit to getting plenty of sleep, rest and recovery.  I must remember to take care of my body, and this means letting it recover from all the crazy stuff I do to it.  I have no interest in getting injured.

4) Number four…. is a SECRET!  You didn’t think I’d disclose EVERYTHING did you?  Don’t worry, it will go in the jar today!


In the past, I have overlooked the importance of recovery and of flexibility.  I would put a workout before getting enough sleep or I would freak out if my precious routine got thrown off.  I have found that, for me, that is no way to live.  SO, in this year’s goal making I ask myself and all you guys for flexibility, forgiveness, and flow.

Let no one think that flexibility and a predisposition to compromise is a sign of weakness or a sell-out.
Paul Kagame