I had a serious Paleo melt down last night. These were the texts I sent my friend:

“Why am I being so strict, who am I proving anything to?” “It worked for me when I wasn’t strict.” “I can’t live like this!!!”

Dramatic?  Yes!  So is my relationship with food.  I NEEDED tortilla chips. 🙂  My girl, Sandra knew exactly what to say.  Simply, “Then don’t, silly!”  And then it was like the air getting let out of an over-filled balloon.  I exhaled.  Oh yeah, I AM allowed.  I AM NOT proving anything to anyone.  And most of all, not being strict does not make me a failure….

So, with these things in mind, I went into Whole Foods to buy some munchies for the night.  After a long day at the salon, I seem to just want to pick at a bunch of things, not cook or make an actual dinner plate.  So, I gave myself permission.  Permission… Last night, that mighty word seemed to take all of the power, yes power, out of the tortilla chips.  I didn’t even go down that aisle, and it wasn’t forced, because I had permission.  If I wanted them, I could get them.  And I didn’t.  So very interesting, this brain of mine!

My dinner consisted of plantain chips, tuna salad, guacamole, dried  mango, and almond butter.  Not a perfect omega-3 to omega-6 ratio ;), but pretty sweet choices considering earlier melt down status!!

That is all. Happy weekend!  Get those booties outside!!


This afternoon I went out for a run alone.  Just me and my super bad-ass friends (aka my playlist)- Cornell, de la Rocha, Keenan, Lemmy, to name a few.  I pretty much always run with a group and while I love my running group- dudes, you know I love you- I am missing those runs that clear my head and give me that release that I only get from running alone.  So, I am making a commitment to do this more often. What’s more, I went out with no planned route, no planned mileage, no foot pod… just me, the city, and my music.  So freeing!

Along with the clear head and million dollar feeling, I had a realization.  When I returned home, I mapped out what I did,  and it was nearly 7 miles!  Now, I ran longer than that only last Sunday, but that was on purpose, for training. This was a fun run… a 7 mile fun run!  As in, I did not mean to!! I’ve come a long way, baby!!

Waiting for me at home was this fabulous Paleo Jambalaya that I had made in the crockpot earlier.

Super sweet day (without sugar, hehe)!!!

Well, I am back in the gym as of this week.  The only thing resembling strength training I have done the past two weeks is rock climbing, which is awesome, but definitely not the same monster as a crossfit WOD.  Let’s say climbing is more of a brain monster, while crossfit is a knock-you-on-your-ass-and-make-you-wonder-why-you-even-try-walking-the-next-day variety o’ monster. At least, it can be after 2 weeks off.  Monday I did an extremely scaled down, modified version of “nutts”.  I can’t remember the last time walking lunges made me sore.  But, here I am unable to walk or sit normally!

Today’s workout was…..

Hungarian Circus

20 minutes as many rounds as possible of:

5 chest to bar pull-ups (green band)

10 ring dips (green band)

15 overhead squats (35 lbs)

I did 6 1/3 rounds which I am super proud of!!  I did not try to be a hero on my second day back and scaled the weight considerably.  I have learned to do this as a way to keep from hurting or discouraging myself. As I sat chatting with Coach Heidi, I had a good post workout meal (PWO) of sweet potato fries and soft-boiled eggs.  PWO meals are so important to recovery.  I am staying away from shakes at this point, because my goal is to lean out and Robb Wolf says no liquid food while leaning out.  PWO is just a bonus meal.  I still got to have a yummy lunch, which I made up (pat on back), and shared with you below!


Quick and Easy Chicken “Taco” Salad

I always buy rotisserie chickens at Whole Foods, which are incredible, but only when you first buy them. Half the time I end up wasting half the chicken because it gets dry in the fridge and I don’t want it anymore.  Today I found a perfect cure for that.  Here you go:

– Cover the bottom of a frying pan w/ chicken broth

– Add 1/2-3/4 cups fresh, chunky salsa (I used Whole Foods pico di gallo)

– Bring to a simmer and add 3-4 oz. of pulled rotisserie chicken

– Sprinkle on some taco seasoning and simmer 6-7 minutes

– Put that yumminess over a salad (I used romaine, black olives, green onion

– Top w/ guac (1/2 avocado smashed w/ cilantro, garlic, pepper, lime juice)

Enjoy, my friends!!

Something has been eating (no pun intended) at me lately. It is all the negative self-talk people, myself included, use.  We describe our eating- “I was good”, “I was bad”, “I cheated”, “I rewarded myself”.  We comment on our performance- “I felt weak”, “That sucked”, or, more often used, the negative head shake at oneself during a workout.  Not to mention the stuff we say about our bodies.  I think that we underestimate the power of the words we use, the negative effect they really have on our self-esteem.  If I want to change my thinking, I must change the way I talk to and about myself.  So, I am going to do a little experiment, care to join??

Below are some ways I am going to kick the negative talk to the curb!!

On food:

1) What I have eaten does NOT make me “good” or “bad”.

2) “Cheating” is something much, MUCH worse than eating some chips or a dessert.

3) And the opposite of reward is, of course, punishment, so where do you think that leads?

And when I am about to say my work out sucked, I’ll ask myself these questions:

1) Remember when the only lifting you did was a grocery bag or two?

2) Remember when running AT ALL was hard?

3) Remember when, in your mind, even ONE pull-up was something only army dudes could do?

I will let you come up with your own affirmations to say in the mirror to replace your self-pooping.  This blog is no place for mush. 😉 But, I will propose this.  How about if we try , just as an experiment, to not fixate on every flaw, but instead see and appreciate our bodies for the strong and ingenious vessels that they are.  AND, YOU, STOP F***ING TALKING TO MY FRIEND LIKE THAT!!!

So, yesterday (day 1 of strict Paleo), at the New Years Day party, I managed to do quite well, avoiding many non-paleo temptations: the sweet smelling corn pone, the mound of chocolate chip toffee cookies, (made by my friend the pastry chef, mind you), and, well, I could go on but you get it.  I had resolve, though, and I powered through!

Then.. I left. And I was tired and it was night and I was going home… eeeek!  I felt the cravings for sugar/any comfort food coming on. Read the rest of this entry »

Resolution, Shmesolution!

Posted: January 1, 2011 in paleo
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I always turned my nose up to the idea of New Years resolutions.  I said, “if I want to change, I do it, any time of year.”  This definitely still holds true for me, but I think that psychologically, the turning over of the calendar has an effect.  Several years ago, I attended a New Years Day party where everyone wrote down resolutions and put them in a jar to be open the next year, same day, same party.  That was the beginning of my new tradition.  So, today, my friends and I will get together for the southern tradition of collard greens and black-eyed peas (luck and prosperity of course) and read everyone’s 2010 promises and of course make new ones for ’11.  It always turns out to be a hoot, especially when you have NO IDEA what you wrote last year (me)!

I thought that I would add a new tradition to my res’ making this year.  I will tell the world wide web.  This way I will not forget and I will be accountable.  YIKES!  So, here goes:

1) I will go strictly Paleo for 30 days to cleanse and refresh my body.  (I am still deciding on the one thing I will not give up- honey in the coffee or dark chocolate at night, hmm)

2) I will go to the climbing gym at least once a week.

3) As an extension of the Paleo lifestyle, I will commit to getting plenty of sleep, rest and recovery.  I must remember to take care of my body, and this means letting it recover from all the crazy stuff I do to it.  I have no interest in getting injured.

4) Number four…. is a SECRET!  You didn’t think I’d disclose EVERYTHING did you?  Don’t worry, it will go in the jar today!


In the past, I have overlooked the importance of recovery and of flexibility.  I would put a workout before getting enough sleep or I would freak out if my precious routine got thrown off.  I have found that, for me, that is no way to live.  SO, in this year’s goal making I ask myself and all you guys for flexibility, forgiveness, and flow.

Let no one think that flexibility and a predisposition to compromise is a sign of weakness or a sell-out.
Paul Kagame